Discover the natural extract that offers several health benefits

The extracts market in Brazil has shown significant growth in recent years. According to data from Mintel, 35% of the launches of “Beauty and Personal Care” in 2021 were based on natural extracts. In this context, a Tovani Benzaquen part of Barentz, once again, was in search of innovative solutions for the Brazil-Latin America market.

This time with Cranpure®, a cranberry extract produced by Symrise, leading company in ingredients for the food industry, drinks and cosmetics. The extract is obtained from the cranberry fruit, which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Discover the benefits of Cranpure®

Cranpure® is a natural and highly concentrated product, which means it is rich in bioactive compounds present in the fruit, such as proanthocyanidins (PACs). PACs are considered primarily responsible for the health benefits attributed to cranberries, such as protection against cardiovascular diseases and prevention of urinary infections.

Generally, urinary tract infections (UTI) are caused by bacteria that enter the urethra and multiply in the bladder. Although, PACs are capable of inhibiting the adherence of these bacteria to the urinary tract wall through their biocidal activity, weakening bacterial survival abilities.

Additionally, Cranpure® has a pleasant sensorial profile, which makes it a versatile ingredient to be used in different applications. Highly soluble, it can be used in liquid supplements ready to drink and in foods functional, such as cereal bars and food suplements.


Natural extract that respects the environment

Symrise is a company committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore, Cranpure® is produced from responsibly grown cranberries, with respect for the environment and local communities.

Why Choose Symrise Cranberry Extract? Cranpure® has a high concentration of PAC’s (15% a 18%).

In summary, Cranpure® is a cranberry extract with its own clinical studies, produced by Symrise, which offers health benefits and can be used in different applications in industry with a pleasant sensory profile, Furthermore, produced responsibly.

To be able to offer this, among other experiences, to the natural extracts market, contact the TB – Barentz! Always innovating solutions.