Discover the effective supplement for reducing stress in animals

It's not just humans who suffer from stress. In animals, it is capable of affecting both the physical and emotional state, directly impacting your health.

Among the main signs of stress in animals is changes in behavior, like irritation, aggressiveness and lack of appetite. Additionally, when at high levels, Stress can even cause a depressive state and more serious illnesses.

In order to combat these evils, was development Milk®, a natural decapeptide (alfa-casozepina) obtained by tryptic hydrolysis of milk casein.

It is a bioactive ingredient, nutritionally important for the market, and does not contain lactose, being safe, effective and natural.

In summary, This bioactive has affinity with benzodiazepine receptors, in particular a subcategory of GABA-A receptors. That way, provides calming and anxiolytic properties that improve animal behavior and health.

During experimental studies conducted with rats, exposed to stressful events, it was possible to observe that the Milk® presents behavioral effects comparable to those of the anxiolytic Diazepam.

Studies on horses exposed to potentially stressful situations typical of domestic management, such as stable, halter, driving, mooring, social separation, and that generate adverse behavioral and physiological responses, demonstrated the benefits of alpha-casozepine supplementation in the diet.


Why is it so important to reduce stress in animals?

First of all, stress-related behavioral deviations observed in dogs and cats can limit interaction with their owners, or even affect the health of animals.

Therefore, Milk® It is an excellent natural alternative to improve the quality of life of dogs, cats and horses in stressful situations.

The recommended daily dosage for horses is 1000 mg de Milk® for horses up to 500 kg body weight, via oral.

Regarding the diet of dogs and cats with signs of stress, studies with supplementation with Milk® proved the effectiveness of treatments with this bioactive, in daily doses of 15mg/kg, via oral.

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