Tovani presents innovations in the well-being segment at In-Cosmetics

A In-cosmetics, occurred in the days 27 e 28 September at Expo Center Norte. This year, we present the concepts of “Be you”, “Be Minimal” e “Be Kind”. That way, prototypes were created aimed at different skin types and with minimalist formulations that offer well-being and an incredible sensorial experience.

Check out the prototypes presented at the event:

For the first concept, we brought the idea of ​​“a line completely focused on human empowerment and diversity.”

Be Radiant Concentrate Shampoo: Isopentyldiol, Stepan Mild 30 SF, Resplanta Phyto Macadamia/Resplanta Coconut.

Be Revival: Isopentyldiol, Flocare PSD 1037 XT, Polycare Split Therapy, Jaguar C162, Sharomix™ CPA.

Be Blonde: Xinycolor AV43, Isopentyldiol, Flocare PSD 1037 XT, Replant Argan, Sharomix™ CPA.

Be Strong Hair Spray: Isopentyldiol, Flocare C 122 PF, Dermalcare LIA, Natura-Tec Plantsil, Stepan Mild GCC, Flocare C 106 MV, Flock ET 1737 GPG, Cation HA-Clear, OptiMSM Flakes, Sharomix™ EG 10.

In the second concept, we brought the idea of ​​“More than a trend, a lifestyle! Consume less and obtain more benefits is the new motto of minimalism fans.” Minimal is UP Pré Make: Flocare SK 425, Gabbacare, Marine Ocean Mist CL, Silica HA, Dermalcare LIA MB, Natura-Tec Plantsil, Sharomix™ 713.

Minimal is Protection FPS 60: Flocare SK 425, Capsol, Dycaprylyl Carbonate VIC, CALMandrin, Sharomix™ EG 10.

Minimal is Balance: Natursol EMI 132, Isopentyldiol, Dermalcare LIA MB, Natura-Tec Plantsil, Bicomide, Sharomix™ 713.

In our third and final concept, we brought the idea that “Self-care and care for the environment are forms of kindness for oneself and future generations. Living lightly and living well is possible.”

Kind Neuro Mask: Isopentyldiol, Jaguar HP 105, Timothy, Ice Awake, Sharomix™ 699.

Kind Body Cream: Isopentyldiol, Hyafactor PGA-SHM, Flocare SK 425, juneo, Dermalcare 6040 LW, Dermalcare A99 LW, Sharomix™ EG 10.

We are pleased with the opportunity to present our innovative solutions to the market at In cosmetics 2023.

See photos from the event in the gallery below and see you at the next event!