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Soy and sunflower lecithin

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Soy and sunflower lecithin

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Soy and sunflower lecithin

Emulsifiers are very important additives and are widely used
in the food industry to produce and stabilize emulsions of a
liquid with another, such as oil and water. Examples of emulsions: Creams of
leite, butter, Margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressings, sausage,
sausage, ice creams, cakes, chocolates, fillings and instant products.
Lecithin is an emulsifier, dispersing and instantizing agent for
powder products. Reduces the surface tension of water in products that
contain oil and/or fat emulsions, improving mixtures
ingredients and promoting stabilization.
Available lecithins: soy and sunflower, with NO-GMO option.
Examples: chocolates, bars, snacks, fillings, powder mixes, cakes,

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