Tovani + Barentz is FISA 2023

To FISA (Food ingredients South America), occurred in the days 8, 9 e 10 August at São Paulo Expo and we at Tovani Benzaquen – Part of Barentz performed for the first time as Barentz. After years together, It's time to change our last name. Em 2024, a Tovani se torna Barentz. With this union, Barentz began its operations in South America and thus we can have access to a portfolio of more than 3 thousand ingredients, further expanding our range of innovative solutions to the market.

This year, we presented at FiSA the theme “Lifelong wellness journey” going through four stages of life. That way, prototypes aimed at Teens were created, Young, Adult and Senior, together with our partners Ashland, Balchem, Bloomage, Capol, Hlex, Kerry, Oterra and Roquette.

Some of our standout ingredients were Popping Candy, the sugar “explosive” that combines fun with indulgence; o Microcap, fat crystallization modulator; the probiotic Ganeden BC30, FISA Awards winning ingredient 2021; the Wellmune biactive® focused on strengthening the immune system; Capol's range of release agents and glossing agents; FruitMax natural vegetable concentrates® da Oterra; the bioactive Haplex® Plus by Bloomage for skin health; polyol lines, Naturalys modified starches and vegetable proteins® Pea, da Roquette; Grasse's aromatization and flavor modulation technologies / Symrise e Earthlight®, a Natural and vegan Vitamin D2, recently approved by Anvisa for food applications.

Check out our prototypes presented at FISA:

For the first phase, Teen, we brought fun and immunity in the form of a mini cake with hazelnut cream frosting “explosive”, o Cocoa Fun Cake, with benefits for intestinal health and alternative to cocoa. We use cocoa fiber as a highlight, FruitMax® date WS, chocolate aroma, explosive sugar, Microcap e o BC30.

Another prototype presented at this stage was the JoyMunne in the form of a gummy, bringing immune reinforcement, prebiotic fibers and source of vitamin C. The ingredients used were Polydextrose, Erythritol, Wellmune®, acerola powder, jelly, Capol 3073B, FruitMax® 180red WS and aromas of strawberry and watermelon.

In the second phase, Young, we focus on energy and cognition with vegan ingredients, we present three prototypes, the first being a vegetable protein bar supplement, ProteinRise, which supports digestive and skin health, with high protein content, of energy and low sugar. We use Neosorb 70/70B – Sorbitol as featured ingredients., Creative®, Haplex® Plus 200-600 KDA, Naturalys® Pea F85M, BC30, Protein Masking and aromas of yogurt and red fruits.

Another prototype for the Young phase was a liquid food supplement, Sunset Energy that supports holistic health and energy. The ingredients were: natural caffeine, Cousins®, body/bitterness modulator and tropical fruit aroma “Sunset”.

The orodispersible powder supplement, Unwind Particles, was also presented for the Young phase, with solutions for mental health and stress relief, I contend Eritritol, Season, Tagatos, Gabrelax®, Milk® and vanilla aroma.

For third phase, Adult, we highlight performance, health and veganism, introducing the tomato sauce, Low Pulp Tomato Sauce, with the aim of reducing costs, sodium substitute and anticipation of demands. The ingredients were: Unicell PF90, Nutek 15000, Taste N’Rich LF01, Clearam CH 2020, tomato replacer, FruitMax® 108red WS.

Adult phase, we also present UpVegan Escondidinho, bringing an alternative to animal protein and tomato replacer in anticipation of demands. The featured ingredients were: barley textured protein, Taste N’Rich LF01, Nutek 15000, smoke prepared condiment, Clearam CH 2020, tomato replacer e Unicell PF90.

Still for the Adult phase, the carbonated food supplement was presented, OptiCoffe, supporting liver health, energy and zero sugar. The featured ingredients were Cold Brew, OptIMSM®, natural caffeine, WIS SWEET 18 and mandarin aroma.

We also present the ice mixed alcoholic drink, Aperol Sparkling, para a phase Adult, being a trend proposal for the market. The highlighted ingredients were the body/sweetness modulator and aperol aroma..

For the best phase, Senior, we brought the concepts of holistic health and cognition, introducing coconut water with pulp, Glow Up Water, which supports digestive and skin health for hydration and refreshment. The ingredients used were Gofos P95 GL-U, VERISOL® and pineapple aroma.

In the Senior phase we also present the vegan cappuccino powder supplement, NeuroUp, which helps with bone health and brings immunity, performance, energy and cognition. The mouth of the ingredients from the opening hole of Creavital®, poop fiber, Memree® 70, Actimalt dried regular, TCM oil 70% IP, Nutralys® Pea s85 Plus N, Erythritol, Polydextrose, ten times, Earthlight®, creaminess and orange aroma modulator.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to present our innovative solutions to the market at FiSA 2023.

See photos from the event in the gallery below and see you at the next event!