Tovani + Barentz of FCE 2023

A FCE Cosmetics and a FCE, occurred in the days 13, 14 e 15 of June of 2023 in the city of São Paulo at the São Paulo Expo.


FCE proposed the theme, “THE BEST OPPORTUNITY TO CONNECT TO THE MARKET BY 365 DAYS A YEAR”. Becoming the showcase that brought together the entire cosmetics and pharmaceutical market in one place, perfect for creating opportunities and promoting products/ideas.


We at Tovani Benzaquen – Part of Barentz developed twelve prototypes, together with our partners Bloomage, SNF e Stepan.


Check out the ingredient innovations we present:


Elixir All-in-One – Day & Night: Minimalist facial formula with great sensorial and multifunctional performance. Own Juneo, trans-resveratrol of biotechnological origin, com 99% de pureza. In addition to the recognized antioxidant action, neutralizing free radicals, repair, revitalizes and detoxifies cells. Protects collagen fibers against degradation, in addition to helping to repair damaged fibers. As a preservative system, contains the Sharomix EG 10, due to its broad spectrum of conservation and compatibility in formulas with high concentrations of non-polar ingredients.


Mandarin Nectar – Adult Acne Control: Facial nectar specially developed for treating oily adult skin. Its honey texture and transparent appearance are conferred by the Flocare SK 425, as well as its refreshing and nourishing sensation with the formation of a satin film on the skin. To increase hydration and spreadability, possessed by Hyafactor PGA-SHM, active with aqueous sensorial that increases natural hydration factors. The homogeneity of sensory and lipid replacement is conferred by the Replant Camelina, water-soluble oil with high emollient properties. Finally, the product has active ingredients for oily skin, with Calmandrin that soothes inflamed and reddened skin, promotes collagen production, improving firmness, redensifying the skin. O PoreAway visibly reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, comedones and sebum production. Provides a matte effect to the skin as well as hydrating the skin. For natural, broad-spectrum conservation, the formula contains the Sharomix 721.


Calcium Repair FPS 30 – Diabetic Skin & Senior Care: Encapsulates calcium ions with the highest quality phospholipids, which makes calcium optimally bioavailable to the skin

Sunscreen suitable for all skin types with benefits beyond UV protection. Its main asset is Epicalsome, with the innovative calcium encapsulation system to make it bioavailable to the skin. Recovers calcium levels, especially sensitive skin, aged and diabetic, protects and repairs damaged skin, inducing rapid recovery, fortifies sensitive and delicate skin, prevents skin irritation and dehydration. It also has Bioecto, responsible for protection against blue and visible light e Hymagic-4D, composed of four types of hyaluronic acids that provide anti-pollution and deep hydration action. Its balanced and light sensorial is provided by Isopentyldiol, multifunctional humectant that provides spreadability and assists in the solubilization of crystalline filters, about Natura-Tec Plantsil, natural alternative to volatile silicones and Natura-Tec Rice Starch, oil-absorbing starch. The stability and texture of the formula is provided by Flocare SK 425 with high resistance to electrolytes.


Triple Shot Cream – Eyes & Neck & Nasolabial region: Minimalist formula developed especially for mature skin and the eye area, has three high-performance assets. the New Retin, natural alternative to retinol, promotes the availability of retinoic acid in the skin, elasticity and skin redensification. O Gabbacare, acid aminobutyric obtained by fermentation, is a molecule found naturally in the body and, when applied topically, presents immediate tensile action. Reduces expression lines in the short and long term, repairs damaged skin and promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen; e o Marine Blue Revelation 50+, powerful and complete microalgae complex that reveals the natural beauty of maturity, providing an integrative approach to improving skin. Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the signs of aging skin while acting on skin density and elasticity. Ideal for treating the skin of the neck and upper lip. Its rich and dense texture is imparted by cold processing through Flock ET 76. It also has rapid absorption and a silky feel without stickiness.. Provides good viscosity and long-lasting hydration.


Curls Amplifier – Liquid Mask-On: With great conditioning, nutrition, a Curls Amplifier – Liquid Mask is gentle and easy to apply on textured, high-density hair, such as those with curvature and Asians. Its texture and application is conferred by the Jaguar HP-105, natural polymer that forms a high lubricity film on the thread. Nutrition is provided by Dermalcare V920, plant-based alternative to lanolins, e Dermalcare LIA MB, natural alternative to non-volatile silicones. As a mild cationic surfactant, o Stepanquat Soleil, vegetable esterquat with yarn alignment and curl booster properties that, associated with Flocare C 122 PF, provide high wet and dry conditioning. To make your hair even more hydrated, the formula has Cation-HA Clear, hyaluronic acid specially developed for rinse-off formulas. Product can be used rinsed as a mask and without rinsing as a leave-in.


Bond Oil Repair – Zipper Effect for Split Ends: Silicone-free end repairer with definitive treatment for split ends. Its fluid gel texture is provided by Mirataine OMG MB, emulsifier of oil-in-polyol formulas capable of stabilizing up to 80% of oils in a clear formula. Product with light sensorial due to the presence of Dermalcare LIA MB, natural alternative to silicones and Dicaprylyl Ether VIC, light, dry emollient that also adds high shine to hair. O Polycare Split Therapy, asset that definitively repairs 90% of split ends in a single application and resists even after rinsing. Product is preserved with Sharomix EG 10 due to its good compatibility with polyols.


Oil Blend Melting Shampoo: With melting texture enriched with water-soluble oils of high nutrition and emollience. It has in its composition: water-soluble macadamia oil, Resplanta Phyto Macadamia MB, with hair repair properties; water-soluble almond oil, Resplanta Almond MB and water-soluble linseed oil, Resplanta Phyto Linseed MB, both for lipid replacement of the hair. Provides high conditioning due to Jaguar C 162, hydroxypropylated and quaternized guar gum, especially indicated for transparent formulas and damaged strands. Its rich and creamy foam is provided by Bioterge AS 40-HP, sulfate free anionic surfactant with foaming properties similar to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, e Amphosol CS 50, betaine that gives high creaminess to the foam. Preserved with Sharomix 699, water soluble, broad spectrum and microbiome-friendly.


Biome Scalp Care Drops – 4 em 1: Product specially developed for scalp treatment using innovative Bicobiome double encapsulation technology. This active ingredient contains Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid and Fermented Lactobacillus encapsulated, with anti-dandruff action, smooth keratolytic, sebum-regulating and microbiota rebalancing. Also has OptiMSM Flakes, active sulfur replenisher to strengthen hair. It is a smooth liquid emulsion with Flock ET 1737 GPG e Stepanquat Soleil, ideal for localized application on the scalp. Contains Natura-Tec Plantsil, natural substitute for volatile silicones for quick drying of the product.


Dual Femme Gel: Intravaginal gel specially developed for intimate comfort and female health. Formulated with Kolliphor P 407, mild gelling agent without neutralization, with high lubricating capacity. Com Bloomecto, pharmaceutical grade ectoine especially indicated for vaginitis, vaginosis and vulvovaginal atrophy due to its high reparative action, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Contains hyaluronic acid, Hyatrue HA-MD II for hydration and lubricity booster.


Skintimate Wipes: Specially developed for female intimate health, Skintimate Wipes contains Femitim which soothes intimate skin problems caused by hormonal fluctuations, improves the appearance of the region, reduces irritation, itchiness and promotes natural protection to the region. Com Mirasoft SL A60, mild biosurfactant and microbioma friendly, e SharoWipes 630, preservative with anti-biofilm action, specially developed for wet wipe formulas.


Hydra OROGEL – Pet: Developed with gentle ingredients, Pet Dental Gel has anticariogenic and calming action. Prevents gingivitis, restores gums and maintains oral hydration. With easy application, is thickened with Jaguar HP 105, polymer 82% natural, non-ionic and transparent gel-forming product with high spreadability and lubricity. Contains Biomoist, hyaluronic acid specific for oral care, with tests to increase mucosal hydration, decreased inflammation and gingival repair. It is preserved with Sharosense Plus 181, which has Maltol and Polyquaternium-80 in its composition, which provides antibiofilm action to boost the preservation of the formula and the anticariogenic performance of the product.


Pharmaceutical Ultra Healing Spray: Developed for healing wounds and cuts, the Pharmaceutical Ultra Healing Spray contains Bloomcolla, recombinant human type III collagen, obtained by a recombinant technology process with yeast. AND 100% homologous to the selected functional amino acid sequence of human type III collagen, with high activity and tissue repair and bedsore prevention properties. The formula also contains Neosorb 70/70 B, liquid sorbitol capable of forming a light film and promoting uniform deposition of the active ingredient on the wound. Its application is especially recommended for sensitive regions, because it is friction free.


Until the next edition! See photos from the event in the gallery below: