Nutritional and technological benefits of insoluble fiber

The nutritional benefits of insoluble fiber are many and varied.. These fibers, found in foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, are not digested by the human body, however, they play an important role in maintaining digestive health.

As it is a source of essential nutrients, fiber is an important component for a balanced and healthy diet. It helps regulate intestinal transit, prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, in addition to contributing to the feeling of satiety.

However, even with all these benefits, Many people still have difficulty getting the recommended amount of insoluble fiber in their daily diet.

Happily, Recent technological advances are making it easier than ever for people to incorporate these vital nutrients into their daily meals.

As insoluble fiber are not absorbed during the digestion process. As a result, remain whole and help facilitate bowel movements and prevent constipation and bowel diseases.

In short, What differentiates soluble fibers from insoluble fibers is the ability of their components to dissolve in water.

Find out where to find quality insoluble fiber

As insoluble fiber distributed by Tovani Benzaquen are obtained from vegetable sources and of high quality:

  • Celulose – Powdered Cellulose PF
  • Bambu – Bamboo Fiber BF
  • Trigo – Wheat Fiber WF
  • Apple – Apple Fiber AP
  • Cacau – Cocoa Fiber CO

Additionally, fiber is an economical ingredient, capable of adding significant functional values ​​to food products.

Certainly, the power to absorb water and fat is one of the great advantages of using insoluble fibers. This contributes, for example, with improved texture and increased shelf life of the product.

Market searches for alternatives to reduce costs can be solved with the use of insoluble fibers, which have low cost and help with product yield.


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