Barentz na Plant Based Tech 2023

Plant Based Tech took place on the days 26 e 27 September at the Frei Caneca Convention Center. We at Tovani Benzaquen – Part of Barentz participated in the Barentz stand because, after years together, It's time to change our last name. Em 2024, a Tovani se torna Barentz. With this union, Barentz began its operations in South America and thus we can have access to a portfolio of more than 3 thousand ingredients, further expanding our range of innovative solutions for the Brazilian and South American market.


Together with our partner Oterra, we present the following prototypes:


VEGETABLE: Vegetable Protein-Based Food (Chickpea) similar to Mozzarella. Vegarela is an innovative food based on Unichickpea 80 F (chickpea protein isolate), delicious alternative to mozzarella. In conjunction with CheeseMaker CF 75 SC (modified potato starch). These ingredients play a key role in structure and texture, providing a unique consumption and flavor experience, equivalent to traditional dairy products.


Additionally, to ensure an attractive and natural color, Vegarela uses Curcuma WS (natural dye), enhances the appearance of the product, without compromising its authenticity and healthiness.


Vegarela is not just a tasty alternative, but also an ideal choice for those following a flexitarian diet, seeking to balance foods of plant and animal origin in your diet. Additionally, provides protein support, making it an excellent option to complement your diet in a healthy way.


GREEN PATE: Vegetable Protein-Based Food (Chickpeas and Peas) similar to Garlic Flavor Pate. Green Pate is a food based on vegetable proteins, Unichickpea 80 F e Nutralys T70S, what, when combined, provide surprising structure and texture, accompanied by a unique flavor (to be defined), promoted by Aromas Grasse.


The texture of Green Patê is improved by Benecel MX rheological technology (methylcelulose), a bulking agent for formulating vegan products. This results in a remarkable equivalence to the texture of animal products, I eat meat, cheeses and sauces, making plant-based foods more attractive to consumers.


With lightweight features, tasty and genuinely healthy, in addition to a sensory variety, offers a unique experience. As Barentz, we firmly believe that, with this combination of high quality proteins, you deserve and can enjoy more sustainable and nutritious snacks, without compromising taste or quality.


PEA MILK: Vegetable Protein-Based Food (Pea) chocolate flavour. Pea Milk is an alternative to cow's milk based on NUTRALYS® S85 Plus N (yellow pea protein), sweetened with a combination of sugar (sucrose), GOFOS P95 GL-U (prebiotic soluble fiber), with an exclusive combination of Grasse Aromas, that promote a unique sensory experience.


Additionally, presents the functionality of Coconut Oil 73 IP SD, which provides a pleasant sensation to the palate, enriching the experience.


This alternative was specially developed to meet different dietary preferences., offering an option that appeals to all audiences. PeaMilk stands out for using pea protein, a nutritious and sustainable choice that contributes to the variety of alternatives available on the plant-based product market.