Probiotics: Discover the benefits of these live microorganisms

When we think about taking care of our health, We know that probiotics contribute positively to its maintenance.


These microorganisms, that act on the gut-brain axis, are gaining more and more space due to their numerous benefits in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Additionally, work to reduce stress and anxiety, symptoms that are so present in our daily lives.


Happiness and the gut are more linked than you think! That's right! Nearly 80 % production of the happiness hormone, the famous serotonin, occurs in our intestine. Therefore, the microbiota/nervous system relationship, made possible by probiotics, It is essential to keep the intestine balanced and healthy.


The probiotic, with several applied studies, is considered by the World Health Organization (OMS) an effective therapeutic alternative. In that regard, if used regularly, it is capable of improving the clinical and metabolic status of patients. At the same time, when administered in adequate amounts, these strains boost our defense cells, reducing the proliferation of fungi and pathogenic bacteria in our body.


Advantages and benefits of probiotics

Among the many advantages of continuous use of probiotics is the reduction in the incidence of urinary tract diseases., candidiasis and reduction of PMS and menopause symptoms. I.e, as well as being essential for our well-being, its use is completely versatile and can happen at any stage of life (pregnant women, infants, children, adults and elderly).


Discover the main strains and features of probiotics:

• “Bacillus coagulans“: contributes to the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

• “Lactobacillus yeast“: helps modulate human defenses, reducing the risk of infections and relieving inflammatory responses. Additionally, protects babies against common childhood infections, including respiratory infections and diarrhea.

• “Streptococcus salivarius“: contributes to oral health, otitis prevention, throat health, halitosis and respiratory infections.

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