Food Journey is the stage for two exclusive supplementation prototypes

During the 5th edition of the Food Day, carried out from 16 a 19 of October, in Lajeado/RS, we present innovative solutions for the Life Science market with a focus on the Human Nutrition division.


During the event, we had an enriching lecture with the theme “Across Generations: how the ingredients industry will meet the desires of generations”, with our technical coordinator, Itala de Lacerda.


Additionally, we created two exclusive prototypes for the food journey:: Pop Treats and the Muscle Rainbow.



Vitaminized popcorn!


O Pop Treats is a salty popcorn with a Sour Cream flavor coating that offers an incredibly fun ready-to-eat snack proposal, suggested to transform your snack experience.


With high quality ingredients, Pop Treats maintain their crunch so you can enjoy every bite as if it were your first.


And there's more: we enrich our popcorn with Earthlight Vit D2, a mushroom powder that offers an incredible vitamin supply, com 40.000 IU in just 1g of ingredient.




Bar supplementation


O Muscle Rainbow is a Red Fruit flavored chocolate bar that offers a fun sensory experience.


With added Popping Candy (explosive sugar) and the functional benefits of Creavitalis (creatine monohydrate), It is naturally colored with vegetable concentrate and has the delicious flavor of Red Fruit aroma..


This irresistible chocolate bar doesn't just surprise your taste buds, but also provides a range of health and movement benefits.


Creavitalis' versatility allows it to be combined with other ingredients to address different pillars. Between them: women's health, fertility, cardiovascular health, energy boost, improvement of brain synapses and muscle recovery after physical activity.


In addition to all these attributes, Muscle Rainbow offers a unique sensory experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It's the perfect way to add an indulgent twist to your supplement routine..


To find out more about the solutions used in the Food Journey, contact contact with one of our executives.


See photos from the event in the gallery below and see you in the next edition!