Stepan-Mild®30 SF


Stepan-Mild®30 SF – Multifunctional, sulfate-free surfactant system

The search for quality, effectiveness and practicality is not only realized by the end consumer when it comes to cosmetic products, but it is also the developer's demand when it comes to ingredients for cosmetic formulations.


A Tovani Benzaquen – Part of Barentz has the ideal solution for more practicality and effectiveness in the development of shampoos and liquid soaps sulfate free.


O Stepan-Mild®30 SF, from partner Stepan, is a concentrated surfactant system specially developed to facilitate the development of body and hair cleaning products.


Its handling process is simple, as it is capable of forming a cleaning product sulfate free from a concentration of use of 18% mixed in water and without the need for thickeners or salt.


Its foam has high volume and creaminess with a moisturizing sensation..


In addition to being extremely soft, does not harm the wires, being the ideal surfactant for dyed hair.


Studies show that even after five washes, the color remained similar to the original dye color.


Especially indicated for formulations baby care, children's, pet care, men care and for chemically treated strands and formulators who want more practicality, reducing energy consumption in manufacturing and optimizing storage space in your development and manufacturing process.


A quality product, which will bring greater practicality and value to its consumers.


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