ectoine: discover the benefits of this active ingredient for eye health

Ectoine is a resistant molecule, which helps promote immediate and continuous hydration for dry eyes, reducing inflammatory and allergic eye symptoms.


Our eyes are extremely vulnerable to diseases and discomfort. As a result, Several factors can affect eye health, such as: pollution, solar radiation, temperature, stress, external injuries and genetic causes.

In that regard, The most recommended treatment method for dry eyes is the use of eye drops..

According to consultancy Frost Sullivan, the global market for eye drops is projected to reach USD 129,5 billion by the end of 2024.

At the moment, ectoine is among the most modern compounds used to produce increasingly effective eye drops, including premature rupture of the tear film, which can be one of the causes of dry eyes.


Innovative Ectoin-based solution


In short, it is a molecule capable of fluidizing the tear lipid layer and preventing its rupture, and which is among the active ingredients of the Bioecto Ectoine-MD line.

Ectoine from the Bioecto Ectoine-MD line is patented, highly pure and powered by our partner Bloomage's professional fermentation platform technology, with high stability and safety profile.

Mainly because it is a compatible solute within extremophiles surviving in extreme conditions, ectoine can protect cells from external agents, as allergic stimuli, and stabilize macromolecules, as functional enzymes.

Additionally, Ectoine has wide applications in eye care, nasal health, oral and skin care.


Technical specifications of Ectoine from the Bioecto Ectoine-MD line:

INCI: Ectoine
Recommended dosage: 0,1%-2%.
Patent: CN201611127881.9
Non-GMO: The strain is widely accepted as safe and is included in the EP, JP e China National Standard.
Certification: Verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, complies with the COSMOS Standard.



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