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Tovani Benzaquen participates from Fi South America 2019

One of the founding members of Food Ingredients South America, Tovani Benzaquen is present at the edition 2019 with new ingredients


Tovani Benzaquen was present between the days 20 e 22 August at the Transamerica Expo Center, in Sao Paulo, where the traditional Latin American food ingredients event takes place: FISA.


FISA has become the food sector's main meeting point and a complete event focused on ingredients, where visitors look for new suppliers, food industry trends, discussion of P requirements&D and also look for new manufacturers and distributors of national and international drinks and food. Opened in 1996, the event has already had more than 750 brands exposed, being that approximately 80% of exhibitors took the opportunity to launch new products. Tovani Benzaquen, at its stand, launched the lactose-free cheese powder from the Uruguayan company Lactosan. Additionally, the company presented two new ingredients recently approved by ANVISA: Food Grade Hyaluronic Acid e MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)


During this edition of the fair, TB took the opportunity to exhibit prototypes using new ingredients. Get to know some of them and what they promise:


Beauty yogurt: rich in collagen, Verisol, innovative ingredient that meets the desire of women who are looking for effective anti-aging solutions. Collagen works from the inside out, smoothing wrinkles, increasing elasticity and also hydration of the skin, hair and nails.


Shake the Spring: the ingredient Lenten It is rich in protein which contains the nutritional qualities of water lentils. It promises to positively impact both an individual's nutrition and the world's supply for different types of foods and beverages.


Dip with mustard and honey: O honey powder It is completely natural and can be used in different types of products such as drinks, chips, carnes, processed foods, between others. Additionally, powdered honey also replaces products that require sweetener and is soluble in water.


It was cappuccino: This cake contains Emul Pastry 16, instant emulsifier-aerator for cakes 100% vegetal, zero trans and no traces of soy derivatives. This ingredient is recommended for cakes, sponge cake, muffins, among other foods. Additionally, in cappuccino cake it is also used MACX, which improves the softness and resilience of breads and cakes and powdered coffee extract, which maintains all the sensorial and nutritional characteristics of the grain, in addition to caffeine levels that provide more energy and disposition.


In addition to those presented, Tovani Benzaquen also presented a series of ingredients arranged in products of the most varied types, such as Lensine cookies,; sweet potato chips with vinegar powder; thermogenic protein cappuccino; popcorn with powdered cheese; Cold Brew: coffee extract obtained by cold process.


All of these items were tasted by everyone who gave us the honor of visiting our stand..


See photos from the event in the gallery below:



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