Discover how synthetic lubricants improve vehicle performance

Since the emergence of the first synthetic automotive lubricants, Polyalphaolefins played a central role in the mix of raw materials available to the formulator.

Practically every synthetic lubricant was essentially formulated using an additive package and polyalphaolefins.. These were the only basics available to achieve the specifications required by the new technology that was emerging..

Additionally, Polyalphaolefins were also essential in the formulation of extremely high-performance synthetic industrial lubricants..

However, with the arrival of new group III base oils and the growing market perception of their ability to meet the rigorous specifications of modern engines, demand for the latter has decreased considerably.

As a result, its applications were mainly restricted to industrial lubricants.

Partnership presents Innovation in Automotive Lubricants

With the global trend towards reducing the viscosities of Automotive Lubricating Oils, Polyalphaolefins are “in fashion” again, with reheated demand.

Aware of this and other opportunities generated by the growing demand for Synthetic Lubricants more modern, Barentz announces its partnership with the American refinery RB Products (Houston) producer, among other products, of PAO RB Polyalphaolefins 4 cSt, yes PAO RB 6 cSt is yes PAO RB 8 cSt.

The partnership encompasses, mainly, the distribution of the three grades on the Brazilian market in packaging ranging from flexibag with 20 tons, passing through the IBC of 1.000 liters to the drum 200 liters.

The expectation is to further diversify the mix of products distributed, contributing to the Brazilian market through a new local supply option for these innovative raw materials.

Get to know Barentz

A Barentz, world leader in products for the Life Science market, arrived in Brazil through a joint venture with Tovani Benzaquen. Today, Barentz's operation in Brazil is the consolidation of companies: Tovani Benzaquen, Chemspecs, Grasse, Volp and Metachem.