Concern about food is something that is part of consumers' daily lives and has intensified in the last year due to the global scenario. Having a balanced diet is essential to maintain health and protein consumption represents an important fraction of the diet. A Mintel survey (2020) showed that for 65% of Brazilian consumers, protein consumption is combined with a healthy diet.


Proteins are made up of amino acids and these are responsible for various functions in the body., such as hormone production and muscle mass gain, for example. Additionally, Protein consumption can help with weight loss, as it helps with satiety.


Although the consumption of protein products is associated with sport, foods enriched with proteins have gained space in launches, migrating from the niche market, such as bars and protein powder supplements, for the general market. Currently it is possible to find cookies, snacks, yogurts and even sliced ​​bread with protein appeal. O claim of protein is something that draws consumer attention, being considered an attraction. Additionally, the incorporation of proteins in foods that can be consumed as intermediate snacks, as is the case with snacks, helps in dividing the intake of this nutrient throughout the day, ensuring daily protein intake.


Tovani Benzaquen has a wide range of proteins in its portfolio, be vegetable, like pea, rice, Lentil, chickpeas and chia, or of animal origin, like the MPC – Milk Protein Concentrate.


A Nutralys®, our pea protein line, consists of isolated pea protein, com 85% of protein, and the textured, with protein content of 70%. Isolated pea protein can be used in snacks, cakes and cookies. The textured, although it is more suitable for application in meat analogues, like hamburger, sausage and vegetable fish, can also be used as a flavored snack. Me about MPC, concentrated milk protein with 85% of protein, can be used to add softness and provide a milky note in different applications.


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