Tovani + Barentz participate in NIS 2023

The NIS, Nutri Ingredients Summit, occurred in the days 30 e 31 from May of 2023 in the city of São Paulo at the Transamérica Expo Center.

NIS proposed the topic, “The Future of Food beyond the obvious” thinking about healthy aging through food.

For this reason we, da Tovani Benzaquen – Part of Barentz, we developed six prototypes, together with our partners Oterra, Go to Ashland.

With the use of ingredients that contribute to promoting healthy aging, We present supplements in different powder formats, liquid and gummy.

Check out the innovations in ingredients:

Be Wellness Gummy:

Gelatin-based food supplement, with red fruit flavor, promoted by Aromas Grasse. Contains CRANPURE™ (Cranberry Extract) and WHITE TEA EXTRACT (hot or cold soluble), with the characteristic reddish hue of FRUITMAX® RED 108 WSP (natural vegetable concentrate) and sweetened with selected fractions of STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES.

With an exclusive formulation, as Be Wellness Gummies contain components that contribute to nutrition and female health. CRANPURE™ supports skin health, strengthens the immune system and prevents urinary tract infections.

Additionally, helps with flow and odor control in people suffering from urinary incontinence. It's a fun, relaxed way to get your daily dose of health, being the perfect combination for the modern woman.

AntiOX Gummy:

It is a gelatin-based food supplement with Acerola and Strawberry flavor., promoted by Aromas Grasse.

O AntiOX Gummy contains ASTAPURE ® 2,5% BEADLETS (natural astaxanthin oleoresin), HAPLEX® PLUS 200-600KDA (sodium hyaluronate) and ACEROLA JUICE POWDER (acerola juice powder), and sweetened with selected fractions of STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES.

This gummy was formulated with a combination of natural ingredients to enhance antioxidant action., assist in combating inflammation, and strengthen the immune system and skin health. It is the ideal combination for activating the immune system, in addition to acting in the fight against free radicals. It's a pleasant way to combine health, well-being and fun.


A food supplement for preparing Citrus Vanilla flavored drinks, promoted by Aromas Grasse.

Contains WHITE TEA EXTRACT (soluble in hot or cold water), ACEROLA JUICE POWDER (acerola juice powder), PROFERRIN® (lactoferrina) and WELLMUNE ® (yeast beta-glucan), and sweetened with selected fractions of STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES.

ImmuneTea was developed with nutrients that act in synergy to improve the performance and efficiency of the defense system. It is an alternative that adapts to the versatile routine of today's world, can be consumed according to individual preferences.

Its formulation allows preparation in both hot and cold water., offering the best of nature to activate and strengthen the immune system.


Food supplement for preparing a drink with Purple Lemonade flavor, promoted by Aromas Grasse.

Contains ACEROLA JUICE POWDER (acerola juice powder) and PROFERRIN® (lactoferrina), with natural coloring from FRUITMAX® RED 112 WSP (vegetable concentrate), and sweetened with selected fractions of STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES.

Inspired by the exotic flavor of Brazilian fruits, and the richness of its nutrients, LactoJuice offers a complete boost to digestive and immune health, due to the combination of natural vitamin C from ACEROLA JUICE POWDER and lactoferrin from PROFERRIN ®.

It is a light and refreshing drink, ideal for any time: accompanying meals, snacks or preparing an individual portion. It can also be prepared in a jar to share with your loved ones. Prepare, Gather your friends and toast together! Cheers!


Here we have a liquid food supplement, slightly carbonated, with Yuzu Lemon flavor, promoted by Aromas Grasse. Contains OPTIMSM ® (methylsulfonylmethane) e COLD BREW COFFEE (soluble coffee extract), and sweetened with HYBRID FUNCTIONAL SWEETENING SYSTEM.

It was specially formulated to achieve a unique sensory experience, combining the amazing taste of cold brewed coffee with the functionality of OPTIMSM ®, with the aim of preventing or reducing inflammatory processes in cartilaginous tissue, like this, alleviating the pain, joint stiffness and supporting movement health.

Additionally, due to sulfur donation and strengthening of collagen bonds, acts on skin health, improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

Granola Smoothie:

It is a powdered food supplement for preparing Strawberry flavored desserts., promoted by AROMAS GRASSE.

With a formulation developed based on dairy proteins, whole grains, dehydrated fruits and sweetened with selected fractions of STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES, its functionality is promoted by the VERISOL association® (bioactive collagen peptides) by VERI-TE™ (trans-resveratrol natural).

VERISOL® is a collagen with exceptional bioavailability and recognized action on hair, skin and nails. In addition to this, has antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, vasodilator and cognitive, do VERI-TE™.

It's a dairy dessert on te go, with light feature, tasty, truly healthy and that incorporates a variety of sensations, promoting a unique sensory experience. With this powerful combination and high antioxidant power, us, is TB-Barentz, believe that you can and deserve to age as young as possible.

Until the next edition! See photos from the event in the gallery below: