Innovative solutions for the dairy market

Durante o Dairy Vision, one of the main global milk forums, carried out on the days 7 e 8 from November, in Campinas, we present innovative solutions for the dairy market.

We developed two exclusive prototypes for Dairy Vision:: In&Out Health and the MushChocolate



protein coffee


In&Out Health Café Latte flavor it is a unique dairy mixture, composed of concentrated milk protein combined with Cold Brew Spray Dried Coffee (soluble coffee extract). Enriched with functional benefits, This product also has a light touch of Vanilla scent.

This irresistible dairy compound delights the palate and also offers several health benefits.. The versatility of Verisol (bioactive collagen peptide) e GoFOS P95 GL-U (prebiotic soluble fiber) allows combinations with other ingredients to address different aspects, like digestive health, first, hair and nails.

In addition to all these attributes, o In&Out Health Café Latte flavor provides a unique sensory experience. Who can't resist the traditional coffee with milk?, you will love the experience. It's the ideal way to incorporate a delicious latte enriched with technology and features for health and well-being into your healthy routine..



Dairy compound with protein and cocoa


O MushChocolate Vanilla Citrus flavor It's a proposal to make your breakfast even more delicious. It is a dairy compound carefully developed to offer naturalness and healthiness, reflecting our commitment to providing excellence to our customers' recipes and formulations.

This delicious dairy compound is prepared with high quality ingredients. Between them, stand out: Cocoa Fiber (insoluble cocoa fiber) e WPC 80% (concentrated milk protein), combined with the surprising flavor of Vanilla Citrus (citrus vanilla scent).

In addition to all this, we enrich our dairy compound with Earthlight Vit D2 with a mushroom powder that offers vitamin support, providing 40.000 IU in just 1g of ingredient.

Get ready for a unique experience, incredibly tasty and functional with the MushChocolate Vanilla Citrus flavor! Transform your morning moments with this irresistible novelty.


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